Psychiatric Services

Many doctors struggle to find a home health provider to refer their patients with psychiatric diagnoses. This is because most home health agencies cannot meet the restrictive psychiatric clinician qualification requirements necessary to provide in-home psychiatric care. In addition to servicing the medical needs of our clients, Valley Home Health Care’s staff of RNs, LPNs, and STNAs meet all the qualification requirements to provide psychiatric services in the home setting.

The psychiatric patient population is also prone to elevated rehospitalization rates when compared to the general patient population. Valley Home Health Care’s structured home healthcare service is designed to provide psychiatric stabilization and support services, lowering the rates of rehospitalization and decreasing the need for prolonged inpatient hospitalization.

Some of the Key Services our Staff Provides:

Perform Cardio Pulmonary Assessments
Complete Medication Checks

* Overseeing the proper delivery of medications (frequency and dosage)
* Monitoring patient for possible medication side effects and signs of EPS
* Blood level monitoring

Detect Changes in Mental Health Status
* We take personal interest in each resident. Our nursing staff’s psychiatric training and experience qualifies them to identify a fluctuation in the mental behavior of a resident. Identifying such changes when they begin to manifest allows us to communicate with the physician to determine if there should be a change in the plan of care. This persistent monitoring can help lead to better patient care and outcomes.
Serve as Liaison Between Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist
* Our staff can assure that the information regarding the resident's health is not misinterpreted as it is shared between the medical doctor and psychiatrist.

Our aides encourage patients to function independently when performing grooming/activities of daily living. They will, however, assist in these areas as they deem necessary.